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Episode 49 March 07, 2016

  • picture of Stanley Stuart

    Our Guest this Weekend

    Stanley Stuart


    Stanley Stuart originally hails from Salt Lake City. He is known for his open-source contributions and as a member of the Ember.js Release team, but is perhaps best known as the first Prancercising JavaScript developer. Stanley loves hanging out on Austin's many patio spots and crafting hilarious tweets.

  • 01:11

    Tell us a little about yourself.

  • 01:34

    Frontside podcast

  • 02:33

    How did you get started in Ember?

  • 08:20

    What type of work does The Frontside typically do?

  • 09:38

    How do you get clients into testing?

  • 14:11

    What are you doing with Fastboot? (link to Ember API Docs)

  • 20:37

    Glimmer 2 and Fastboot rehydration

  • 23:12

    How do you see Fastboot changing the Ember ecossystem?

  • 27:50

    Will Fastboot ajax support abort/cancel?

  • 30:39

    How did you appoach turning Ember Data into an addon?

  • 33:59

    Is Ember.js going to be an addon?

  • 37:05

    Ember CLI is amazing!

  • 39:34

    New changes to Ember Data

  • 42:35

    Nolan Lawson Pokedex

  • 43:52

    We talked with Runspired about Pokedex

  • 46:55

    How does Ember LTS effect Ember Data?

  • 48:07

    Issue to create an Ember Data upgrade guide

  • 50:38

    What is the most excited thing happening in the Ember space?

  • 54:05

    What personal projects are you working on?

  • 56:14

    What is the greatest strength of the Ember community?

  • 58:49

    Looking to move to a product shop doing operations/programming

  • 60:39

    Frontside is hiring

  • 62:02

    Stanley names the episode