Interview with the Emberokai

Episode 9 May 18, 2015

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    Our Guest this Weekend

    Paul Elliott

    Lead Engineer on the Human Interface Team (HIT) at Heroku

    Paul is one of the engineers working on the Heroku Dashboard, which is an ember-cli app running on the Heroku platform. The team is distributed and does almost exclusively ember development, focusing on application architecture and new features.

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  • 01:50

    Tell us about Heroku

  • 03:19

    No little Heroku icon...

  • 04:04

    How long has Heroku been using Ember?

  • 04:32

    Are you using Ember CLI?

  • 04:46

    How has the upgrade process been?

  • 05:57

    How are you testing the dashboard?

  • 07:14

    Do you test drive?

  • 08:02

    What back end are you using?

  • 10:14

    How are you building your team?

  • 12:45

    How do you interact with your backend team?

  • 13:50

    Do you deploy to Heroku dynos?

  • 14:25

    Do you deploy Dashboard through the Dashboard?

  • 15:13

    Paul's thoughts on Ember, Glimmer, and Fastboot

  • 15:59

    What are you excited about in the Ember community?

  • 17:17

    Paul names the podcast

  • 18:15