Like Stealing Candy From a Baby

Episode 54 April 11, 2016

  • picture of Lauren Tan

    Our Guest this Weekend

    Lauren Tan

    Applications Manager

    Lauren is co-founder at ThePriceGeek, and Senior Developer at DockYard, a user experience driven software consultancy based in Boston, MA. She is also an active contributor to the Ember.js community, and a regular speaker at leading JavaScript events and conferences.

  • 00:31

    Tell us a little about yourself.

  • 01:17

    How is Boston compared to Australia?

  • 04:16

    How did you get started with Ember?

  • 05:57

    How much of your work at your startup was applicable in the consulting space?

  • 07:07

    Do you find that it is easy to jump between Ember apps?

  • 09:30

    With contracting do you find yourself doing more rescue projects, greenfield projects, or more an advisory role?

  • 17:39

    Do you tend to follow a specific testing strategy or is it more per project?

  • 21:51

    Do you try to get 100% test coverage?

  • 23:31

    Where do you tend to place your testing emphasis?

  • 24:58

    Lauren explains an issue with destructuring get/set in an integration test.

  • 26:48

    How do you test the air gap between frontend and backend codebases?

  • 30:01

    What open source projects are you focused on at the moment?

  • 40:37

    What were some of the challenges of developing the ember-composable-helpers addon?

  • 42:48

    Could you explain some of the issues around future-profing your applications re: controllers?

  • 51:52

    What is the personal project consuming most of your time?

  • 53:56

    Is there anyway people can help out with your addons?

  • 55:06

    What do you think Ember can help teach other communities?

  • 59:18

    Lauren names the episode!