It's not a Mirage anymore

Episode 104 June 05, 2017

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    Our Guest this Weekend

    Sam Selikoff

    Frontend Developer at TED

    I'm a front-end web developer at TED interested in JavaScript, data visualization and economics

  • 01:20

    Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

  • 02:19

    What kind of consulting are you doing?

  • 03:31

    Ember NYC Meetup

  • 15:05

    What is on the horizon for Mirage?

  • 18:39

    Is there a specific area where you need extra help?

  • 19:52

    What is EmberMap and what are its goals?

  • 22:09

    What is the most surprising thing you've learned doing EmberMap

  • 26:48

    Could you walk us through your Broccoli series, and how it worked out?

  • 31:56

    What other series are ya'll working on?

  • 35:06

    Sam names the episode