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Episode 37 December 07, 2015

  • picture of Katie Gengler

    Our Guest this Weekend

    Katie Gengler

    Developer / Co-Founder at Code All Day

    Katie has in-depth experience building rich, interactive web apps with modern UX. She also brings expertise in managing product development and building development teams.

  • 00:12

    Tell us a little about yourself.

  • 01:02

    How did you get started in Ember?

  • 04:13

    How has contracting/consulting changed by moving from predominantly backend (Rails) UI to frontend JavaScript (Ember) UI?

  • 06:05

    What type of contracting does Code All Day typically do?

  • 08:54

    Between rescues / new code / advising which do you prefer?

  • 10:36

    In rescues how often do you see no tests?

  • 12:29

    How do you help move toward testing?

  • 14:23

    What is your testing strategy when working in uncharted waters?

  • 17:23

    Are you always strict about testing?

  • 18:53

    Do you sometimes spike a solution to throw away later?

  • 19:52

    When testing Ember do you find yourself using any of the test types more than the others? (ie unit, acceptance, integration)

  • 21:34

    How do you cover the air gap between frontend/backend while testing?

  • 22:52

    What is your strategy for deploying Ember right now?

  • 25:34

    What inspired you, Louis, and Phil to write Ember Observer?

  • 27:24

    Have there been any surprises while working with Ember Observer?

  • 31:08

    What made you decide to write Ember Try?

  • 32:48

    Are there any plans on testing different versions of Ember CLI also?

  • 34:26

    What is the personal project consuming most of your time now?

  • 38:22

    What can the Ember community learn from other open source communities?

  • 39:56

    What do you think the focal point of the Ember community is?