Whacked Out Hegemony - Part 2

Episode 39 December 21, 2015

  • picture of Chris Thoburn

    Our Guest this Weekend

    Chris Thoburn

    Author of Smoke and Mirrors, Ember Consultant

    Outdoor enthusiast. Future ultra-marathon addict. Tech guy. Passionate about personal growth and leaving things better than found.

  • 00:19

    Relative advantages of recycling vs teardown / rebuild

  • 04:46

    Smoke and Mirrors moving to recycling strategy

  • 06:52

    Nolan Lawson's Pokedex

  • 07:46

    Recycling / Virtualization to push work where there is more availability

  • 10:41

    Main thread is UI assembly thread

  • 13:38

    What kind of changes would have to happen in Ember to make this work (offload rendering to webworkers)?

  • 14:30

    Using WebWorkers to bring native app best practices to javascript SPAs

  • 16:21


  • 17:28

    Interface to interact with webworkers

  • 20:04

    Biggest problem with web workers adoption is developer friction

  • 25:44

    The web today can create multi-threaded applications

  • 26:06

    Could you tell us a little about how you utilize backburner.

  • 33:50

    Request Animation Frame

  • 37:20

    Request Animation Frame acting as a deferred action queue

  • 42:39

    Thinking mobile first

  • 43:48

    What do you think Ember can learn from other communities?